The programme would focus on the following aspects: 1. Understanding the human intrinsic productivity responsible for creativity. It would be done in stages. Stage one would be done by checking the achievement drives: a. Creative part of the brain will be checked and managed through psychological exercises. b. Storage part of the brain would be checked and re-checked by psychological testing and scale exercises. Again in stage two, it would focus on segregating creative components with non-creative, the participants would understand the meaning of creative personality. By understating motivational sources and role of achievement as a major motivator to instill and develop emotional intelligence leads to creativity. This part will have a focus on the scientific process of development of Emotional Intelligence. 2. Memory drive of the individual engineers would be checked by identifying the pattern of memory storage and the brain under two different heads: a. Pattern of episode & echoic memory. b. Pattern of Sementic and iconic memory. 3. Recognition drive would again be assessed by pattern of memory as such: A Iconic-episodic B Echoic- semantic 4. Perception intensity would be managed and controlled through right hand and left hand coordination pattern with the help of weight discrimination box. 5. Color combination pattern testing would be done to identify the perceptual understanding through green yellow, red blue, green blue and red blue. 6. The candidates will also do self introspection of their temperamental instruments through a scale testing and demarcate lines between the noble, Socratic and Reflective aspects of temperament. Role of psychic energy in deciding the intensity of the temperament will also be discussed in this session. 7. Special focus on group decision-making processes (Delphi and NGT) and increasing the moral responsibility in the participation process thereby leading to a creative work environment would be another focus area.


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