Leadership Learning from Ramayana

Leadership Module from SriRamcharitmanas (Ramayana): (Manager to Leader and Leader to Mentor)
Objective of the Course:
“Transform the corporate managers into the Corporate Leaders” “Ram to Ramrajya”. Transformation:Manager to Leader and Leader to Mentor
One can become CEO of a company because of his or her technical skills and experiences but it does not necessary means that he or she is a leader also of a company. There are millions of companies, but we have very few corporate leaders in the industry. Becoming a leader, it is entirely different issue. Leadership depends upon the influential power of a manager. This influential power will emerge from his or her personality not from the organizational authority.
Important Learning from Ramayana:
1. Time management is most important
2. Leaders must prepare for uncertainty
3. Networking and human relationship is most important
4. Do not promise which you cannot fulfill
5. Information is key in success
6. Trust is important in team building
7. Performance will help in gaining the senior’s confidence
Module1: Introduction of Modern Leadership Theories Maximum: Seven Days
Module2: Introduction of Ramayana Maximum: Two Days
Module3: Leadership Traits from Ramayana Maximum: Five Days
Module4: Team Building Concept from Ramayana Maximum: Two Days
Module5: Open discussion on Ramayana and Modern Leadership Maximum: Four Days


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Course Duration:

20 Days


Lecture 1: Modern Leadership and Insight from Ramayna


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