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Who is to be blamed when a student commits suicide due to academic pressure? Is it the academically oriented education system; is it a fault of the student who fails to fight against adversity or is it the ever demanding group of family and friends. The prevalent education system is bitten by the dogma that mental growth is far more important and relevant than physical or spiritual growth. The calendar of events at any level of the system shows its unfulfilled hunger to constantly judge the well being of a student based on a few paltry numbers. And it is because of the system’s addiction for numbers that the whole relevance of education, which is to evolve any youngster into a responsible citizen of the society, is lost and gets reduced to a rat race where scoring is all that matters; by hook or by crook.
The level of competition which is prevalent right now is unprecedented. In such times, the 21st century student is expected to be well equipped in both intelligent quotient (IQ) as well as emotional quotient (EQ). On one hand the student is expected to be creative enough to keep up with the times while on the other there are expectations to demonstrate emotional stability to handle the stress of change.
But we need to realise that not everyone is a born Einstein or a Newton. Different individuals have different talents and different learning abilities. But the system places so much stress on book learning that all other talents get overshadowed by a person’s ability to memorize facts and then to reproduce them in the examination. There’s also the prospect of having to face unfavorable results. What does a student do in case he/she fares badly in an exam? Is suicide the only answer to this problem? This course I will provide kids a Motivational way to get over of this kind of thinking
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Understanding student psychology
Coping with the Exam Stress
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